Recent Returns: Nava Thai

I’m sure we eat at Nava more than at any other restaurant in Wheaton or anywhere else, it remains a consistently excellent gem and this time, with a larger group than normal, we ordered a lot of the usual: pad thai, penang curry, anything involving duck.  Kaprow!  I took the opportunity to order som tam, the fiery fresh papaya salad that we normally don’t get because it is too hot for many people, and extra-dangerous because it involves both (1) green beans and (2) hot green chilis that look like beans until you bite one.  The som tam was a big hit.

The other item of  interest was a special: a soft-shell crab listed as “Lovely Mommy” — not sure what to make of that name, and I decided some questions are best left unasked.  It was in fact lovely in both presentation and taste, a huge crab fried to a deep brown crisp with lots of holy basil, peppers and that dark rich sauce that Nava must make by the gallon.  It was really good, and given the sauce and ingredients, they may as well have called it crab kaprow, though Lovely Mommy has a certain ring to it I suppose.  I love introducing new people to Nava (I think even my own lovely Mommy has eaten there, takeout at least).



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