Random Stuff

How’s that for headline excitement?

  • Washingtonian’s review of Peruvian chicken — Wheaton’s El Pollo Kiki Riki (2533 Ennalls) was the winner — is finally online.
  • Charm Thai is coming soon to Silver Spring, but the Gazette notes that “Wheaton is more well-known for its Thai cuisine with institutions like Ruan Thai and Nava Thai.” True!
  • Wheaton also has the also-good Dusit Thai, which Patch recently reviewed (albeit with very little detail).
  • Sietsema wrote about Shake Shack (now open in Dupont Circle) this week in the WaPo. I’m basically with him: very good burgers, meh fries, okay pricing, and worth eating but not worth waiting in long lines.  Eventually the novelty will wear off (won’t it?) and the wait times will disappear.
  • If you’re more McDonalds than Shack, perhaps you would enjoy some wine with your McFood?

2 responses to “Random Stuff

  1. Just wanted to say how much I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work! It’s nice to see people who appreciate all the food that Wheaton has to offer.

  2. Thanks Christian!

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