Summer Solstice

So I’m either a day early or a week late, depending on whether you count forward to the solstice or backward to my last post.

Aaaand we’re back.  Wheaton hasn’t changed much in the past week; of particular note, the Zombie Safeway has now been vacant, in decay but undented by demolition equipment of any kind, for exactly 18 months. Meanwhile, the new Bethesda Safeway remodel is zipping right along. Surely Safeway, a Fortune 500 company, can rebuild more than one store at a time? Or, I suppose it is the developer’s fault. Or Wheaton’s.  Bah and feh. I just want my easy quick grocery stop on the way home from the Metro like we used to have…

One change: Ruan Thai has a spiffy new red neon sign to go with the overall sprucing up of that Amherst Avenue stripmall, though it looks like they damaged some of the new yellow paint while installing the sign.  The Gazette has a little writeup of the Ruan-Ren’s Ramen twofer.  I wonder if the Brother Chinese folks are resentful of all the Ruan-Ren attention, or if they are getting enough tangential business to keep them quietly happy?


5 responses to “Summer Solstice

  1. Gah, I read that Gazette piece and it takes away some of the pleasure of eating at Ren’s for me. I didn’t know until the Gazette edified me that Sapporo-style ramen means it has lard added to the broth.

  2. Heh, that does explain some of the deliciousness!

  3. I was wondering the same thing about the Safeway — what gives? Construction on the one in Bethesda across from the Bradley Blvd. shopping center started a while ago. Even construction on the Costco at Wheaton Plaza has begun. What gives? Is the county withholding permits??

  4. Dave in Wheaton

    According to Patch:
    The Safeway project has only one permit left to clear: new construction. Patriot Realty, the management company associated with the project, was waiting for the demolition and new construction permits before going ahead with tearing down the old store. Best guess of the start of demolition now is “mid-summer”.

    Oh good – only 1 more permit to go (out of 2) and it’s the one for construction. Glad they managed to push that demolition permit thru in 18 months. Ugh.

  5. Rome wasn’t built in a day — but it might not have been built at all if they had to go through the MoCo permitting process.

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