Elevation Burger: Mountain or Molehill?

Speaking of burgers, I have been looking forward to Elevation Burger opening at the Westfield Wheaton mall later this year (Patch mentions it here) — but after reading J. Kenji Alt’s scathing review, I’m less excited.  Will still try it for myself, but JKA knows his burgers and he says Elevation is way below sea level (I’m paraphrasing).


5 responses to “Elevation Burger: Mountain or Molehill?

  1. I’ve been to Elevation Burger in Park Potomac (which is really in Rockville) and, like the location, I found the food to be deceptively named and well overpriced. I like the presence of a veggie burger and a vegan burger on the menu, but even those are pretty bland and disappointing. The fries are so soggy it’s not even funny. Just go to Five Guys next time.

  2. I like the “!” — was that always there? Thanks for the comment, Dan. I am less and less interested in Elevation with each passing minute..

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  4. I’ve eaten at the Falls Church and Arlington Elevation b=Burger several times and I LOVE their food! The fries are EXCELLENT and less greasy than some restaurant fries, their milk shakes are wonderful and their burgers are well-done and still reasonably juicy. Overall, it has fattening food that is prepared in a somewhat less-fattening way and at least uses humanely raised beef. I give the place a B+.

  5. One vote for Elevation! Thanks Susan. Todd Kliman/Washingtonian gave it a positive review too. So, we shall see for ourselves soon enough…

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