Springtime for H Mart

I guess it’s summer now but whatever, H Mart seems all springy, happy, bunnies and leprechauns and fresh air.  Perhaps it is because the limes are back to consistently high quality, and most recently were six for $1?  I wonder who is in charge of lime procurement and price-setting?  I assume the Lime Manager has to sample the merchandise, for quality control.  How much is the pay? I might like that job.

The Lime Index

The Wheaton H-Mart has a big banner up advertising their sponsorship of the “Kimchi Chronicles,” apparently a Korean food show coming to national PBS television in July, featuring (incongruously) Jean-Georges Vongerichten — turns out his wife is half Korean and she will host, he will sidekick.  Looks like celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Heather Graham will also narrate or make cameos.  Star-studded!  Not to mention someone billed as “The Julia Child of [a town in Korea I didn’t quite catch].” The photography looks brilliant based on the preview.

That’s high-brow. This is low-brow:

pepero nude

Live Nude Pepero!!!

Pepero Nude!  Lotte makes a whole lotte good stuff.  They also have Pepero Almond, but not Pepero Fully-clothed. The subtitle for Pepero Nude is “Chocolate filled bicuit sticks” which seems more truth-in-advertising but less fun. Is it fair to say H Mart is a clothing-optional shopping environment?  Maybe only if you are filled with chocolate?


2 responses to “Springtime for H Mart

  1. Carl – you reading this Pepero post?! Wish we could get a-hold of some Crunky Pop Joy!

  2. Hilarious!

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