Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down On Friday

Nearly as fast as she was pulled from YouTube, Rebecca Black (the poor woman’s Rick Astley?) is once more kickin’ in YouTube’s front seat.  Thank goodness.  In other, more interesting news:

  • Wheaton Patch notes that Panera is set to open at Westfield Wheaton mall on July 1.  This excites me even less than the rapidly-losing-Elevation Burger — I’d much rather do my Wheaton sandwiching at Marchone’s or Lucia’s — but we report/you decide.
  • SoCo Eats favorably reviews Ren’s Ramen and Silver Spring’s new Thai Charm.  Although, if it is true that Charm’s green curry is “a mild dish” then I would say they’re doing it wrong, green ought to be at the most fiery end of the curry spectrum.  And despite SoCo’s suggestion that Ren’s ramen “could have been much spicier,” they in fact are doing it right, it’s supposed to be a not-spicy, delicate, balanced, yet flavorful dish. Which it is!
  • Samosa Week at HowChow!  Proving once more that every culture has its own version of the fried stuffed pastry, and they are all good.




2 responses to “Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down On Friday

  1. Just read (on Facebook) that Pacci’s is opening its new restaurant in Forest Glen (old Gen. Store) on July 20. You have any details on that?

  2. Not really, but look forward to checking it out. I linked to some stuff about it a month or so ago:

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