The Best. The Best, Jerry!

The Washingtonian’s “Best Of” issue (aka July 2011) is now on newsstands (I assume — it was in my mailbox on Friday) (not yet online) and Wheaton has once again infiltrated the magazine’s pages.  Hollywood East is one of three “Best Midnight Snacks” — ’til 1 AM Friday and Saturday!  That’s our only local Best Of listing. What, we don’t qualify for Best Celebrity Spotting? Stevie Wonder shops at Chuck Levin’s!* Criminy.

In the regular food section, Nava Thai is mentioned along with Germantown’s Sabai Sabai Simply Thai as “two of the area’s best Thai restaurants” amidst the positive review of Silver Spring’s new Kao Thai.  So much great Thai food, so little thaime.  (sorry)

Ah, Kenny Bania. Gold, Jerry. Gold!

* This is true about Stevie and Chuck, but I am just kidding about Wheaton being good for celebrity spotting.  Just in case it wasn’t glaringly obvious…


2 responses to “The Best. The Best, Jerry!

  1. We just had delivery from Kao Thai last night (our first experience with the fairly new restaurant on Colesville). When we called we were told that delivery time would be about 45-60 minutes, however after 90 minutes our order still hadn’t arrived. Just after calling back to complain the order did finally arrive – one Shrimp Kaprow and one Pad See Eaw. At first we were a little disappointed as the Pad See Eaw had different noodles than advertised and the serving of Shrimp Kaprow seemed small, so we called again to complain.
    In fairness to Kao Thai we had not realized that this was SilverDocs weekend and probably their busiest weekend of the year. It was clear that they were getting slammed in the restaurant and the clearly frazzled manager on the end of the phone line was extremely apologetic and offered to comp one of the dishes.
    The actual food was very good (although by now not particularly warm) – very fresh ingredients, the right level of spice for each of us (they offer a scale of 1-4 in choosing the spice level), and an avoidance of gloppy sauces.
    Overall, I would order from them again and give them a chance to redeem their delivery mishaps when SilverDocs isn’t in town.

  2. Thanks Steve! Sounds understandable but frustrating — at least the manager sounds customer-service-oriented. Excellent. Kaprow!

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