Recent Returns: Limerick Pub

First time back to Limerick (11301 Elkin) since our first trip three months ago. Ordered a bit differently but got largely the same results.  Still not quite digging the coffee shop decor.  Service is fine.  The burger is big and beefy and the bun/veggies are good, but the patty was overcooked (asked for medium; no pink to be seen anywhere inside).  I liked the fish and chips: the fish is flaky, moist, and enclosed in crunchy beer-batter goodness.  Fries are only okay — I liked them less this visit — kind of soggy and (this time) underseasoned, though the guy at the next table complained to the server that his fries were too salty (like our oysters last time).  Still swinging the salt pendulum to and fro in the kitchen, it seems.  The pub was hopping when we were there and there is always a crowd at the bar in the evenings, so business is at least okay.  Still hoping the food will move up a notch at some point.  Planning to try Limerick’s trivia night (Mondays at 8PM) one of these weeks…


2 responses to “Recent Returns: Limerick Pub

  1. I asked for Medium Rare on my burger last time, and it was still mooing, but tasty!

    I still like this place, but my husband can’t stand it for some reason – he is more into healthy food, and the options seemed limited. I agree, the fries were better the first time around when the horseradish/cheese stuff was sprinkled on top!

  2. We also went to the Limerick Pub last week (our first visit). It seems our experience with the food was similar to your’s – I ordered a burger and it arrived a little over cooked while the fries were just so-so. Other people seemed content enough with their food but there were no exclamations of how good things tasted. I definitely agree with you re the decor. The Limerick Pub and McGinty’s in DTSS both suffer from rather sterile environments. While I recognize that Fado in DC is the equivalent of having Disney design an Irish pub at least it looks somewhat like the real thing on the surface, and it does create a faux cozy feel.

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