Wheaton Escalators “Monstrous”

I read the New York Times (online) much less frequently now that they are imposing monthly click-through limits, but thanks to Senior Me, I caught yesterday’s article on the DC Metro system’s ongoing escalator problems.  I can see the New Yawkers smirking all the way from here as they nimbly negotiate their little stairways down into the subway. Anyway, the article notes that Forest Glen is the deepest station, and then this:

Of the 588 escalators in Metrorail, many are remarkably long: A suburban stop in Wheaton, Md. has a monstrous 230-foot escalator, the longest in the Western Hemisphere, according to Metrorail.

Monstrous! And, actually, three of them, two of which are often working simultanously, lately. But clearly the author didn’t get the memo that we are ferally urban, not suburban.  Oh well, you can only teach a New Yorker so much in a day.


2 responses to “Wheaton Escalators “Monstrous”

  1. Wow, I knew about the Wheaton Station’s claim to fame, but I didn’t know Forest Glen is the deepest station! As someone who is known to catastrophize, I’ll keep the FG station on my list in case we ever experience Battle of Britain-style bombing 🙂

  2. Ha, thanks Eve. I hadn’t know that factoid either, and I guess FG might not be a bad place to hide if the Germans decide to bomb Pearl Harbor again (c.f. Animal House) — although if those high-speed elevators stop working after I’m already down there, I will not be a happy camper.

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