July 4, Nava 6

Happy Independence Day, and what better way to celebrate our melting pot than eat great Thai food?  Not that we need an excuse.  I am on a mission to try a new dish from time to time at Nava (11301 Fern), and today that dish (new to me that is) was crispy mussels.  They were very crisp indeed, in a savory egg batter atop a bed of sprouts, tasting of the sea but not too fishy or salty, and the mussel-eaters in our group (4 of 6) enjoyed them.  We also tried a fish curry and the lemon beef salad appetizer, our first time ordering both, and I wasn’t as crazy about them but both disappeared fast enough.

As usual, we also got the twice-cooked crispy duck appetizer, which was even more crisp and delicious than usual. And a couple of noodle dishes and a curry, and the renowned duck kaprow, which is like fireworks in your mouth. I like to think Thomas Jefferson would have approved. Kaprow!


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