Hot Flashes In The Summertime

Escalators running both directions at Wheaton this morning,* good air conditioning on my train…that’s the way to ease in to a possible triple-digit heat day.  If Wheaton’s sidewalks were clean enough for egg-frying, today would be the day to fry some.  Instead, maybe best to leave that to the professionals at Nick’s Diner, IHOP and elsewhere.  I don’t often recommend IHOP but I bet they have high-quality air conditioning and that’s paramount for the next 12 hours or so.

Overnight temperatures weren’t so bad thanks to yesterday evening’s fast-moving storms, which we mostly missed while in transit.  Around 9 PM there was a fantastic light show to the east and south of Wheaton, with rapidfire lightning flashes illuminating the distant clouds.  The only thing missing was narration by Christiane Amanpour.

* We don’t have flashy new ones like at Foggy Bottom — maybe someday.


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