Recent Returns: BGR The Burger Joint

I think I prefer the onion rings at bgr:shack — crunchier, more flavor, and $1 less per order, though the order is a bit smaller and BGR The Burger Joint’s rings are nice big slices.  And Mrs. Me and I still prefer the Five Guys fries, the freshest and potato-y-est around, though BGR’s fries have improved over the past couple of years.

But ultimately it’s about the burger, and BGR’s burger is the best we’ve had (though we still haven’t been to Ray’s Hellburger or Good Stuff).  If you ask for medium-rare at BGR, you actually get medium-rare. The beef is juicy and has the best beefy flavor of any local burger we’ve found.  Burger-to-bun ratio is excellent, and the bun is sturdy enough to deal with all the burger juice runoff.  It isn’t cheap — $6.99 for the basic plus another $1 if you want cheese, and $1 more for bacon.  Well, I guess it is cheap compared to the burger at Palena, or buying a house in Cleveland Park. Anyway, this is a case where you get what you pay for.

The juxtaposition of modern design with classic rock art/background music is also a lot of fun.


2 responses to “Recent Returns: BGR The Burger Joint

  1. GinChevyChase

    You do know you can get a Hell Burger at Ray’s the Classics right down the street in DTSS right? Right?? Just sit in the Bistro section – no reservations needed. Between the burger and the bistro special, it’s the best deal in town. That is if stuffing yourself with delicious beef is your thing…

  2. Thanks for the comment, yep, we are aware we can get a hellburger at the Classics, but thanks for the reminder, just haven’t quite made it there yet. Stuffing myself with delicious beef is, in fact, among my things!

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