Yellow Rice For World Peace

The robes may be saffron but I’m pretty sure it’s only turmeric in the rice. Still, today’s afternoon snack exceeded my low expectations. I bought it from a street stall outside the Portrait Gallery on F Street between 8th and 9th, part of the 11-day Kalachakra For World Peace. Lots of Buddhists (maybe 20,000 says City Paper) are in town for the first Kalachakra in five years, but how many spent the $400 to actually attend, and how many are just soaking up the atmosphere?  Does this qualify as a Buddhist invasion, or is that an oxymoron?

Anyway, there is a tent city on the F Street sidewalk, including five or six vendors selling Tibetan or similar food, mostly not looking very appealing, though I have seen many people sitting around eating it this week. My $5 portion of rice was large, bright yellow, studded with (formerly frozen) veggies, plus a generous squirt of hot sauce (like sriracha but not exactly, and very hot), and it was pretty good.  Not $5 good, but maybe my $5 bar is too high. The hot sauce was a good idea. It brought some peace to my afternoon world, at least.


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