New MoCo Food Blog: Hungry Like The Bear

Welcome Hungry Like The Bear, who says he will be focusing on Wheaton restaurants among other far-flung culinary meccas. It’s always time for elevenses.* One of his first posts was a rave for the pho at Mi La Cay (11315 Fern, behind Hung Phat), which I have not visited in several years desipte it being “on my list” (the list is getting longer, not shorter). Gotta get back there.  HLTB also appears to be much better about posting photographic evidence than I am, so he’s got that going for him.

* Famous hungry bear reference.


3 responses to “New MoCo Food Blog: Hungry Like The Bear

  1. Thanks for the mention! Mi La Cay is absolutely delicious. It’s easily the best Vietnamese restaurant in Wheaton.

  2. I’m sold. I will note though that we did a banh mi taste test between Hung Phat and Saigonese a year or two ago and Saigonese won by a wide margin. So maybe it depends what you order..

  3. I’ve never tried the banh mi at Hung Phat, but they are great at Saigonese. Do they make them fresh at Hung Phat, or are they wrapped up by the cashier? Another great place to get them is Pho House in Germantown, MD. I will probably write up a review of them soon.

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