Dazbog Dazblog

Russian coffee?  What’s next, Brazilian beet and cabbage soup?  Dazbog is a budding Soviet-themed coffee empire run by Denver-based Russian emigres, and no, the beans do not come from the Eastern bloc.  Wherever they come from, someone is making wise choices, because the coffee is quite good.  I’m an iced coffee guy, and the Dazbog version is excellent, strong and tending toward bitter but not like Starbucks (which I also like, I’m just a bitter guy I suppose), not as mellow as Mayorga, not as bad as Dunkin’ Donuts, just right in the sweet spot.  Mrs. Me gave their chai coffee a thumbs up too.   They have a few muffins and whatnot, but not nearly as many food options as Starbucks.  This is all based on one visit to Dazbog’s only location East of the Mississippi, which is improbably located at the Shady Grove Great Indoors.  I won’t be switching from my homebrewed iced Peet’s anytime soon, but Dazbog sells beans by the bag as well as by the cup.  There are worse ways to kill time in Shady Grove.

очень хорошо, my little droogies.


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