Back In Service

Back in service August 2011: so say the recently-upgraded signs on the green plywood walls covering the not-yet-fully-upgraded middle Wheaton Metro escalator, under construction lo these many moons.  We are running out of August!  Sometimes these sort of Metro timetables have a way of lengthening.  Also, as soon as they finish the middle one, I assume they will move on to the third and final escalator for major repairs that I’m sure will last into 2012.  Which will happen first: all three Wheaton escalators running simultaneously, or demolition begins on the Wheaton Safeway?

I figure, whether or not Metro meets its goal, at least this blog can get back in service by the end of August.  The summer’s heat and humidity melted away my will to live blog, plus for some reason I haven’t been eating out as much lately (need to change that).  Posting will likely not return to the nearly-daily level of the first half of 2011.  But: we’re back, baby!

At least until Irene wipes us out this weekend…


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