Brady’s “Humongous” Hoagies (Avalon NJ)

Is Avalon, NJ still standing?  The ocean may be permanently closer to town after Irene, which was expected to erode some of the beach.   Lucky for us, we were there the previous weekend.  Didn’t eat out much (Mrs. Senior Me and I cooked up some delicious basil spaghetti, among other meals), but did get an Italian sandwich at Brady’s Hoagies (6740 Ocean, no website but here’s Yelp), and as one might expect of a hoagie from the Jersey/Philly nexus, it was fantastic.  Roll: crusty outside but not too crusty, and soft inside but not too soft.  Good ratio of meats to cheeses to onion/lettuce/tomato.  No mayo, as it should be.  Zesty dressing.  I am confident Brady’s would have easily won last summer’s DC area Italian sub taste test, which was won somewhat improbably by Vace.

Brady’s is half convenience store, half deli. Kind of expensive, almost $10 for a footlong sandwich, and assembly took about three times as long as, say, Wheaton’s own Marchone’s. I figure the high price is a Jersey shore-in-summer thing, not specific to Brady’s — plus given the quality, it isn’t a totally unfair price. The sign outside says “Home of the Humongous Hoagie” but there’s no mention of that anywhere in any of the online reviews I found.  They do make a “humongous” 24-inch sandwich, so it isn’t false advertising. But you don’t get any kind of bulk discount: the 24-incher costs twice as much as the footlong. Their potato salad is also pretty good, though could use more pickle or vinegar or something like that.

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