Quick Kao Thai Review

There hasn’t been much eatin’ (out) in Wheaton over the past month, a deficit that must be remedied over the rest of 2011, but there was some eatin’ out elsewhere.  For example: we tried Silver Spring’s relatively new Kao Thai (8650 Colesville), which turns out to be no threat to Wheaton’s Thai restaurant dominance.  KT has pretty good pad prik khing, but not as good as Ruan’s exemplary version.  Pra Ram, a dish not offered in Wheaton as far as I know, is okay, kind of bland peanut sauce. KT’s Panang curry is thin and wan, not close to Nava’s league.  Pad Thai is fine.  Overall not bad, but not worth leaving Wheaton for.

3 responses to “Quick Kao Thai Review

  1. I’ve been there too and I honestly don’t know what Sietsema sees in the place. I agree with you, not bad, but not worth going out of your way for.

  2. Wheaton Resident

    This is exactly the kind of stuff I love reading from you. You helped me discover Ruan Thai and my favorite, Nava Thai, after years of wallowing in mediocre Thai in DC. Not that you didn’t deserve a break, but I’m looking forward to you returning full-time to your restaurant reviewing!

  3. silver spring reader

    Totally agree with your review. My husband and I tried it after reading a review on WP. Food was actually blah, nothing special. Tried the dragon noodles which was supposed to be spicy but not even close, same thing with the green curry. By the end of night, we left most of the food. The service was really nice but I wouldn’t go back, I’d rather make the drive to Nava

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