Recent Returns: Moby Dick and Nava

Mixed results in both cases, for a change.  At Moby Dick, I tried the unagi rice bowl, and while the barbecued eel was fine, the dish didn’t have much else going on.  Best to stick to raw fish and tempura at MD, in my experience.  We did try a roll whose name I forget but it involved tuna, spicy sauce, and I think it was fried: delicious.  The one-two meal-starting punch of salad (love the peanut dressing) and miso soup also remains a winner.

We intended to order lunch over the weekend from Ruan, but they didn’t answer their phone.  Shut down due to hurricane?  Or maybe they’re taking their annual weeklong vacation?  I’m guessing the latter, did not bother driving by to confirm (they always put a sign up front when they’re on vacation).  Anway, we fixated on Thai, so it was Nava’s gain. Making further, uncharacteristic effort to branch out at my favorite mainstays, we tried the Thai fried rice from Nava, which though replete with pork and onions was unexciting (though the leftovers made a pretty good lunch).  Pad thai and crispy duck kaprow were as good as ever.



2 responses to “Recent Returns: Moby Dick and Nava

  1. We loved Moby Dick when we were living in Kensington and always thought Nava Thai was overrated. The service is always poor and the food mediocre. We preferred Supporn, though I don’t know if it survived after Nava came in.

  2. Love Moby Dick sushi! Spicy tuna refular or crunchy, sunshine, dynamite and new specialty philly roll are all great. Go early with kids and its less wait and better service. Nice folks there.

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