Catching Up (How Did It Get To Be September? Edition)

The signs on Wheaton’s middle Metro escalator still says it will be back in service in “August 2011” but it is not back in service and I don’t think we’re in August 2011 anymore, Toto.  In fact, not only is the middle escalator still not back in service, but this morning one of the others was also not operational, I had to walk down.  Which beats the day last week that all three were out and we all had to walk up in the evening. Heckuva job, whoever.

Other stuff that did or did not happen while I wasn’t paying attention:

  • Brian Patterson reviewed stripmallmates Ren’s Ramen and (newly expanded) Ruan Thai in the Gazette, somehow not discussing at all the physical space, which I find interesting in both cases.  Good reviews though, and he’s right about the “scant” parking.
  • Washingtonian’s Todd Kliman listed Ruan among the “What I’m Eating Now” intro to his most recent chat; he and Patterson both noted the Yum Watercress appetizer, which I somehow still have not tried.  Must remedy.
  • Taylor Kate Brown’s Summer of Lunch continued over at Patch, including a couple of restaurants I’ve not visited.

I’m sure there’s more but I haven’t found it and I think I’m done looking.  August is so slow around here.  Full speed September!


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