The Week In Wheaton Eatin’

  • Wheaton Calling reviews some old favorites and includes razor clam photos!
  • Hungry Bear visits Tiffin and eats lamb, but not biryani.  We can’t get in and out of Tiffin without multiple lamb biryani orders, it simply isn’t physically possible.
  • The Gazette highlights the 9/11 “buy local” effect for MoCo farmers.
  • WaPo restaurant guru Tom Sietsema says (“off the top of [his] wet head”) that Ren’s Ramen is his favorite Wheaton spot at the moment.
  • Washingtonian’s Todd Kliman lists Ruan Thai among the places “where I’m eating now“…

Me? This week I made some good spaghetti, some okay Cuban rice’n’beans, and succumbed to my annual KFC craving, about which more later.

One response to “The Week In Wheaton Eatin’

  1. I know what I am ordering next time 😉

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