Metro Is Trying To Kill Me

So the middle escalator at Wheaton Metro was finally working this morning…but one of the outside ones was shut down.  Sign still says “Back in Service August 2011.”  And tonight’s afternoon commute featured one blocked-off escalator (the one on the right side as you’re going up — didn’t they spend months fixing that one earlier this year?), one running down…and the middle one not running, leaving most of us to trudge upward without mechanical assistance.  A good workout, but still.  Tragedy or farce?  The managerial incompetence is astounding. I’m pretty sure Metro is trying to kill me.  At least that’s one area where they might actually succeed for a change.

Back to food-blogging someday soon I hope.


One response to “Metro Is Trying To Kill Me

  1. WMATA’s new slogan: “Fighting Wheaton obesity, one broken escalator at a time”

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