Occasional KFC Cravings

Other than streamlining from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC, and adding or subtracting menu items periodically (double down!), not much has changed at Chez Colonel over my lifetime, from color scheme to those wildly successful 11 herbs and spices.  My family didn’t eat there much when I was a kid so I can’t say I grew up eating KFC, but I do find as an adult that I get a craving every now and again, maybe once a year, maybe not quite that often.

I got the craving recently, and indulged it, enough to remind me how little has changed.  It’s not about the chicken, which is nothing special, but the Original Recipe® coating on the chicken (herbs! spices!) really is good.  Sanders knew what he was doing.  I also like the mashed potatoes, which may or may not include actual potatoes, I don’t care, I like them.  The gravy helps.  And the biscuits are solid too, if kind of high in sodium (530 grams apiece, that’s about a third of an adult sodium RDA).

But we don’t go to KFC for health food.  I think once a year isn’t so bad.  I do miss the potato salad, which I remember really liking years ago but apparently they don’t sell anymore. Some franchises also carry the “fish snacker” — a smaller but better version of the Filet-o-Fish. You wouldn’t expect a chicken place to have a good fish sandwich — what would the colonel think?! — but they do. Wheaton’s KFC (the one on University near Amherst), alas, no longer offers the fish snacker.

I’m trying to think of other fast food cravings, but I seem to have outgrown most of mine.  I like Five Guys, of course, and other upscale-fast burgers.  If I had access to Jack in the Box I would eat there too much, it is probably just as well they haven’t penetrated the DC area.  In-n-Out of course.  A few unique loThat’s about it.

Could be worse, could be Taco Bell.


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