Good Eatin’ in the ‘Burbs, Pizza in the Non-‘Burbs

WaPo’s GOGblog is soliciting ideas for best dishes from DC-area mom’n’pop places (thanks for the catch, Mrs. Me!).  One of their examples is the pupusas at Irene’s III, which are indeed good, though I think not as good as the ones at Antipuqueño.  Lots of good pupusas in Wheaton, maybe we will do a top five list someday.  Anyway — send your Wheatony votes to the GOGgers!

In non-‘burbs news, today’s Food section includes a brief Sietsema review of the new District of Pi, where he seems to like just about everything except the actual pizza.  So far citizen reviewers seem to like it better; I’m a bit put off by the prices, which are higher than Ella’s, which is great and only a half-block away.  Totally different styles though. I will at some point try the Pi.  I just wish they had a happy hour special personal pizza for $3.14…


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