Blogging Up, Safeway Coming Down, Escalators Go Both Ways

Apparently I am back, nearly a month after the last post here.  That’s nothing: it has been nearly two years since Wheaton’s Safeway closed, and well over a year since the “Coming Soon” banner began taunting us with the ghost of Safeway Future.  In the intervening 18 months, Bethesda got a shiny new Safeway, it opened last week and Mrs. Me reports it is nice.  And, finally, we get news that the Wheaton Safeway project may finally move forward, with demolition scheduled to begin next month (unless they are like Metro and by “next month” they mean “some indeterminate number of months but certainly more than one”).  The 14-story project will take about two years to complete, though the Safeway is supposed to open before the rest of the building is done.  I will believe it all when I see it happening, but maybe November will finally be the lucky month.

Meanwhile, Wheaton’s Metro station has two shiny, well-lit, and (most important) functional escalators; they’re now renovating the third one, with completion expected in February 2012 (by which I’m sure they mean April or June). It really is impressive how much brighter the lighting in in the new escalator wells compared to the old ones.

So things are happening…


2 responses to “Blogging Up, Safeway Coming Down, Escalators Go Both Ways

  1. If I pass out from holding my breath on the Safeway, please call the paramedics.

  2. Don’t hold your breath. I almost passed out when I held it for Costco, but then I gave up and started breathing again.

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