More big media love for Ren. Wheaton’s own Ren’s Ramen is among the restaurants where WaPo’s Tom Sietsema wishes he were a regular, as noted in last weekend’s fall dining guideWheaton Calling may become a regular there based on her visit a few days ago (with photographic evidence!).  I know some people think Ren’s is overpriced, but it is awfully good.  Not sure I’d want to be a regular at a place where the menu only includes five items, though, no matter how tasty those items are.

2 responses to “Ramen-o-Rama

  1. It’s a real life version of Tampopo! (movie from 1985 based on a noodle shop in Japan – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092048/ )
    And it is very good – I’m comparing it to similar restaurants I went to while in Hawaii that catered more specifically to Japanese.

  2. Yes! Love Tampopo, and Juzo Itami (RIP) generally.

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