Gilly’s Means Sandwiches (and beer)

My friend JF and I used to get pepperoni subs from a place called Gilly’s in North Seattle on our way to Greenlake. The subs were great — does Thousand Island dressing make any sandwich great? — and though I think the actual name may have been Zilly’s, it looked like Gilly’s on the sign so that’s what we called it.

That Gilly’s closed years ago, but I still have a positive association with the name in the context of lunch, and have been looking forward to trying Gilly’s Craft Beer & Wine in Rockville, which, despite its name, serves a variety of sandwiches too.  No Thousand Island on the premises as far as I know, but some pretty good sandwiches nevertheless.  Mrs. Me tried the grilled cheese on whole wheat bread, which was fine and a solid deal at $4.95.  I was oddly in a bologna* mood and the “Joey H.” sandwich, with its pile of bologna, cheese, crunchy potato chips, and yellow mustard, made me happy.  I don’t remember the last time I had a bologna sandwich so I can’t really compare it to anything, but it hit the spot.  A couple other folks were eating what looked like decent Italian subs at one of the other tables — Gilly’s has a few tables in the front and a few in the middle of the store; the latter lack elbow room, as you would constantly have customers brushing past you as they peruse the wine selection, so we sat in front.

* Contrary to what you may believe, I am not *always* full of bologna.

Beyond the deli, which offers cheeses and dips in addition to sandwiches, Gilly’s is really about beer and wine. You can get a pint of draught beer (four or five to choose from) to enjoy as you wander the store, which of course we did: New Belgium Hoptober, very nice.  Many more options than that in cans or bottles, a wide and high-quality selection, especially for a relatively small retail space.  We thought the wine selection was less exciting and a tad overpriced — probably their beer prices can be beat elsewhere too, but not many places in MoCo match the selection. And the friendly staff and beers-on-tap make Gilly’s a primo shopping experience.  Also the sandwiches.

They’re next to Urban BBQ and around the corner from what used to be El Patio, the authentic Argentine cafe which (we discovered) moved to Loehmann’s Plaza (Randolph Road, still in Rockville) in August.  Some kind of pizza joint is moving into their former space behind Gilly’s.  Good little block for food, and parking is easy while El Patio is gone and pizza has not yet arrived.


One response to “Gilly’s Means Sandwiches (and beer)

  1. I love Gilly’s. Apparently they let you bring food from Urban BBQ inside and eat at the tables so that you can drink some beer.

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