Who Hops For IHOP?

Evidently not the Wheaton Urban District, who organized last weekend’s World of Montgomery Festival (about which, I have to admit, I heard nothing until now and remain completely ignorant) and did not invite IHOP, according to yesterday’s interesting, well-balanced Wheaton Patch article.  Lots of restaurants didn’t participate, so I don’t think the fact that IHOP wasn’t invited necessarily means much, but IHOP franchise owner William Moore was probably right when he suggested the committee was focused on “independent mom-and-pops” — though I think even more so they focused on multiethnic restaurants, of which there are so many excellent examples in MoCo, and in Wheaton specifically. IHOP serves a purpose, but is not the kind of exciting, interesting cuisine I enjoy encountering at food festivals.

Moore is right to point out that IHOP is locally-owned (and of course also employs lots of locals); just because they are part of a chain doesn’t mean they aren’t local. I, too, am guilty of ignoring them in favor of various other Wheaton restaurants, though that’s mostly just because I’m just not an IHOP eater.  I don’t eat at many big chains in general, but lots of people do, and IHOP is one of the few major non-fast-food chains currently in Wheaton.  I think many of us appreciately Wheaton’s current balance in favor of, but not exclusive to, smaller ethnic eateries — we don’t want IHOPs (or, heaven forfend, Red Lobsters) on every corner — but there’s nothing wrong with an IHOP here or there, it’s another legitimate option for those who dig pancakes at all hours and that sort of thing.

4 responses to “Who Hops For IHOP?

  1. Let me tell you a little story. Two weekends ago I wanted breakfast. I pondered my local breakfast choices in walking distance. I landed on IHOP. So I went with boyfriend in tow. We arrived to a line and not the cleanest restaurant I’ve ever seen. Due to the 25 minute wait and the cleanliness (lack thereof) we opted to walk to Dunkin Donuts and get coffee and bagels to go.

    I like IHOP, to be honest with you. But I can tell you I won’t likely EVER go back to the Wheaton IHOP again. Just rubbed me the wrong way. I may head north on 29 to go to the newer (cleaner?) one.

    I need breakfast in Wheaton! Mom and Pop or not (how about a Busboys and Poets, or a Matchbox, or a Chef Geoff inspired restaurant – they have brunches!) I just like to eat. But I’d like to see more breakfast options!!! While I’m on my rant, Bagel City is being displaced by a Wal-mart in Rockville. LET’S PETITION TO GET THEM IN OUR HOOD!

  2. Wheaton is not a big breakfast town, true. Nick’s is a good option, nothing supergreat but a perfectly reasonable diner with some character. Disappointing about the IHOP cleanliness, although your 25 minute wait demonstrates their popularity. I suppose I will have to check it out for myself eventually.

    I’m not a big bagel guy — is Bagel City good?

  3. I used to go to Bagel City when I was in school at Montgomery College. Nothing amazing, but it was pretty good. I’ve been meaning to try Nick’s and also Goldberg’s New York Bagels.

    I love the bagels at Royal Bagel Bakery in Germantown.

  4. IHOP is what it is. They aren’t known for their stellar cleanliness, it is a greasy spoon that is open at all hours and takes in your weak, hungry, and tired – cause they are drunk – then any other place in Wheaton. I don’t go very often but it is nice that it is available.

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