Road Trip: Boston

Beyond Russo’s and H Mart:

  • Takeout from Minerva in Natick.  Pretty good except for not getting what we ordered. Our double order of lamb biryani arrived as lamb vindaloo, good thing Mrs. Me wasn’t there!  The vindaloo was suitably spicy at least.  Solid butter chicken, lamb rogan josh, something else I’ve forgotten.  They also completely forgot our curried chickpeas.  Nice samosas.  Average or better quality, normal quantity, bad accuracy.
  • Lunch at Pho and I in Boston. Nice lunch specials, maybe a dozen to choose from at $7.50 apiece.  Carl got the ho fun — how could at least one of us not? — and liked it well enough but we both preferred my basil fried rice, fragrant and a bit spicy, full of flavor.  Fairly large portions.  Good service.  Unusual curving space with a bar snaking along one side, actually a pretty good use of an awkward space for a restaurant.
  • Lunch at Johnny Rockets in Logan Terminal C.  I was desperate. I can’t review JR because I have already wiped the entire sordid affair from my memory (although I may still be digesting the cheeseburger).

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