Brunch Labyrinth

I’ve had less trouble getting out of corn mazes than we did getting from our table to the Mrs. K’s Toll House brunch buffet and back again.  Nobody got lost or injured, but was it worth the trouble?

We like Mrs. K’s a lot for drinks or dinner, sitting downstairs in the dark atmospheric wine cellar or outside on the patio.  For brunch, we were seated upstairs, in an overheated too-quiet room, as far from the buffet as possible.  Unless you sit adjacent to the buffet, it ends up being a hike, plus at peak times the line spirals around the room a couple of times.

The food was fine but maybe not worth the $30 per person price.  Best offerings are in the back of the room, where we found delicious made-to-order omelets, various carved roast beasts, and hot-off-the-press waffles.  Eggs benedict looked great but were room temperature at best (perfectly cooked eggs though).  Big snow crab leg sections looked iffy, and there didn’t appear to be any implements with which to crack them.  They had a big bed of oysters on ice, but I’m very particular about my oysters and I passed these up.  Fried chicken, sausages, bbq beef, all merely okay.  Good creamed spinach, good Swedish meatballs.  Lots of pastries.

I don’t know. Mrs. K makes mostly good food, and the brunch spread was fine upon reflection, and yet the food and the logistics and the fact that we didn’t like the room we were in just made it fall short of expectations, somehow.  I’m also never sure what to tip at a buffet, which is sort of apropos of nothing except that it added to my sense of non-fulfillment at the end of the meal.

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