District 2 (out of 10?)

No, that headline is unfair; I would give Glover Park’s* District 2 Bar & Grille a five out of ten, maybe a 6, or some otherwise average rating, partly due to my high expectations after having drinks there a month or so ago.  The bar area is fun, the staff is superfriendly, the place looks great — but the food is only okay.

* We discussed on our way from car to restaurant what neighborhood we were in, technically; I think we decided Cleveland Park, but the D2 website says Glover Park.  Living on the edge.  Not that it matters.

Actually, the superfriendly staff can be a little too aggressive; our server checked in with us seemingly every thirty seconds, including to ask how the food “looked” — a fair question I guess, since it had been served about ten seconds earlier and we had only a chance to look, not taste.  Anyway, better too attentive than not enough, I suppose.  And it tasted about how it looked: just okay.

District 2 has a short but sweet beer list — Goose Island IPA is always a winner.  I liked my mac & cheese ($9) with chili ($2 to add to the mac), but neither piece was especially exciting individually; together, still not the best ever or anything, but the dark beany chili swimming in its gooey pasta pool, some of each in every bite, hit the spot. Fish tacos weren’t as good: bland fish, too much mediocre coleslaw, and the tortilla-to-filling ratio leaned too far to the left.  Below-average not-crispy or particularly flavorful fries. House salad looked okay, nothing out of the ordinary (I didn’t get a bite of that).

I thought District 2 might be a superior alternative to Cactus Cantina and 2 Amy’s across the street, but I’m higher on CC and lower on D2 based on recent visits.  Not that we live near enough to patronize any of them very often.  I’m more likely to hit D2 for happy hour at the bar.

Best part of our meal was watching, from the comfort of our booth, a large SUV attempt to parallel park between two cars in a space that was barely large enough; the SUV played some serious bumper pool, twice rocking the compact behind it back a couple of inches.  That’s what bumpers are for, and I don’t think any damage was done, but since it wasn’t our car, it was fun to watch.  If it had been our car, Mrs. Me would have been out there in a nanosecond.

2 responses to “District 2 (out of 10?)

  1. As a former longtime resident of Glover Park, I do not consider this Glover Park, or Cleveland Park. The “About Us” link on the D2 website says Cathedral Heights, and that sounds about right.

  2. Thanks! I did not know there was a Cathedral Heights (shows you how much time I spend over there)…

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