Random Wednesday Food Stuff

I still am not on Twitter, but increasingly chefs are, says the Wall Street Journal.  Sounds like a double-edged sword to me, and a potentially big time sink.  Also, some of these guys (e.g. Bobby Flay) have over half a million followers.  Crazy.  The last paragraph may be most significant: Twitter and other social media may help restaurants optimize customer flow, helping them stay in business.

In other not-necessarily-new but possibly more-Wheatony news:

  • Tom Sietsema mentioned Ren’s Ramen again in today’s chat at WaPo.com, calling it an “inexpensive newcomer” — inexpensive being in the eye of the beholder wallet of the spender, of course;
  • Todd Kliman continues to list Ruan Thai among “Places I’m Eating Now” at the beginning of his Washingtonian weekly chat;
  • Hungry Like The Bear visited Limerick Pub about a month ago, and found that the atmosphere beats the food, which sounds about right — I’m not even sold on the atmosphere, though I bet it is more fun in the evening at the bar than for lunch in the dining room;
  • New England lawmakers want to make selling fraudulent maple syrup a felony. But what jury would have sufficiently cruel hearts to send the likes of Mrs. Butterworth or Aunt Jemima to prison? Sadly, I suppose this is as good a use of congress’ time as any…;
  • Peanut butter prices are spiking, reports WSJ — more from Serious Eats here.  I may have to do a combination peanut butter-lime index.  Also, now I am hungry for curry…

4 responses to “Random Wednesday Food Stuff

  1. I usually hit Limerick on Tuesday nights for Trivia Night and I think things have improved food-wise since they’ve opened. It’s not particularly out of this world by any stretch, but the sandwiches, burgers, and fries seem to have hit their stride and are decent pub staples. For a while there, there was some inconsistency (medium burger request comes out well-done, fries were alternately overcooked or too greasy), but things seem to have straightened out. The brown bread ice cream is delicious, too. Oh, and trivia is a lot of fun, though the crowd has tapered off somewhat since they moved it from Monday to Tuesday due to Monday Night Football.

  2. Thanks Jim. I will revisit one of these nights, maybe even for trivia.

  3. Next time, I will order an entree. I really like the atmosphere there.

  4. Almost all maple syrup, even the stuff labeled “100% pure maple syrup,” is now made in China, factory-processed from old maple furniture. Ever wonder why you don’t see maple furniture in thrift and used furniture stores anymore? Now you know.

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