For Realz?

Those of you holding your breath will have to hang on another week or so, but this is good news.

Save the date?


11 responses to “For Realz?

  1. “Adjacent to the Wheaton Metro Station/Silver Spring, Maryland.”

    It must be real, because they screwed that up.

  2. Zombie Safeway will live to see another day.

  3. wheaton is consider silver spring you retard

  4. Now, now…language, people. The development isn’t technically “adjacent” — across the street. I don’t care what they call it as long as they finally get around to doing the project.

  5. They named it the Exchange! I like it, it sounds corporate.

  6. lol! hlarogner is my new favorite person!

  7. The Exchange, huh. What will we be exchanging? I guess I better sharpen my bartering skills.

  8. And why at Wheaton Station instead of Wheaton Metro? A nod to this blog’s header image perhaps…

    • Metro is the entire system (washington Metro)… Station is more specific. They could use “metro station” suppose, but that would not sound as good as “station”.

  9. What’s great is somewhere, there’s a guy who got paid to think of the names and the language in the ad. Oh well. I don’t really care what they call it or how they describe it as long as it gets built. Sidewalks were torn up outside the Safeway today. Progress!

  10. Can’t wait to go to the flea market – that was moved to the parking lot of Wheaton plaza – in front of this Safeway. I’ll be able to stock up on fresh meats and fruit and a counterfeit Barcelona soccer jersey all in one trip.

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