Jewel of India and Silver Spring

Jewel of India (10151 New Hampshire, just north of the beltway) has been open only about four months and is already indeed a jewel.  Lamb biryani is somewhere between Tiffin and Masala Art: a bit darker and spicier than the former, but not as dark or spicy as the latter.  We still like Tiffin’s the best, but they’re all great.  Jewel of India’s lunch buffet is well above average, with lots of choices (including vegetarian), including only moderately spicy chicken vindaloo — many Indian buffets don’t even include a vindaloo. Good, flaky samosas, fresh vibrant green-yellow spinach and corn, and I loved the almondy lamb pasanda. Also a tasty house-made lemonade, with tart grapefruit-cranberry overtones.  Prices are Masala-level; Tiffin is a dollar or two cheaper per dish across the board.  I wish someone would open an Indian restaurant of this quality/price level in Wheaton, surely there is sufficient demand here.

Plus, Jewel looks great, with deep reds and golds, pretty yellow flowers in the entryway, nice dark wood chairs and floor, even a shower of “jewels” hanging from the ceiling to separate the bar area from the main room. It isn’t fancy, yet has an elegant feel, very nicely done.  I also like their website, which features some lovely photos, a full menu in HTML (!), and a strange main-page lorem ipsum paragraph — surely this is meant as a placeholder and they’re not trying to make some subtle point about their layout or content, but still seems odd. I wonder how long it will stay up.

8 responses to “Jewel of India and Silver Spring

  1. Yeah, I’ve stuffed myself silly there a couple of times after working up an appetite thrifting at the two thrift superstores in the same shopping center. They should provide a gurney for post-prandial transport. And why no one has opened an Indian restaurant in Wheaton is beyond me; we need one!

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  3. Thanks Chris — yes, I almost lost Mrs. Me in the thrift stores, I went the wrong way and didn’t realize at first that there were two stores. Both sides were hopping, too.

  4. No way, it’s next to Value Village? That place was my mecca in college. I wonder what storefront was replaced. I know the beer store in that shopping center was involved in that cigarette smuggling scandal.

  5. There’s not only a Value Village, but a Unique Thrift store; they’re side by side in the same building! So I go to work up an appetite for my thrift store shopping, I first stop at Jewel of India for some first-class eating. And THAT is the buffet, not too often you hear first-class and buffet in the same sentence! The food is fresh and tasty, esp. the goat curry, and the service is friendly and efficient. Definitely worth a trip.

  6. I’m not sure about Tiffin’s besting JOI in the lamb bryiani taste-test. More research is definitely needed here. They’re different, as you describe above, but I’m not ready to say Tiffin’s is the winner. Can we go back soon?

  7. More research is always needed!

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