District of Pi

Started as a food truck, now brick-and-mortar District of Pi has been open at 9th and F for a couple of months now, and is the opposite of a food truck: it is cavernous.  Looks stylish but small from the street, but goes (Chris Bermanesque) back-back-back-back-back, and opens wider and ceilings get higher the further you go.  Through the looking glass.  Just as stylish inside as outside, though all the open space and exposed brick and iron make conversation nearly impossible without yelling.

Oh, and there’s pizza, both deep-dish and thin crust.  I was prepared to be underwhelmed but I thought the pizza was decent, though the deep-dish ratio is weighted much too heavily toward tomatoes. Cornmeal crust has decent flavor but could be flakier, or crisper, or something.  Meatball topping is very good if occasionally undercooked.  I didn’t actually try the thin crust but my dining companion said it was pretty good.  Looked like substandard Neopolitan style to me, not nearly singed enough around the edges, but since I didn’t taste it I’ll stop there.

Prices seem high at π until you discover that the smaller size is enough for two people, unless one of the people is incredibly hungry.  So it’s actually a decent deal if you’re willing to share.  The vast army of servers is friendly, but it takes a long time to get your food — they warn you up front that the deep-dish will take more than a half hour, so it’s fair, but still makes a business lunch difficult unless you are the kind of person who has no trouble taking a long business lunch.  That aside, the Pi folks are a likeable bunch, into community involvement and ecological sustainability and social media and whatnot, so it’s nice that the food is at least decent.


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