Flippin’ Pizza

I’m skeptical of new, hyped pizza places, which almost always disappoint me.  But Flippin’ Pizza turns out to be actually really good.  We went to the Bethesda (Old Georgetown) location but there is also one in Silver Spring, on Colesville, and others elsewhere.

Fantastic crust, so thin you can’t believe it can bear the weight of toppings, but it is so crisp and solid that it does.  Good sauce-crust-cheese ratio, and the cheese in particular is richly flavorful with a surprisingly creamy mouthfeel — maybe a surprise because I have grown used to substandard cheese on pizza.  Toppings are fine, but it’s really the crust that makes it.

Limited menu, with above-average salad (cannelini beans a nice touch), good pepperoni bites (more of that great dough).  Garlic twists had nice flavor but the dough seemed different, more chewy and less flavor, maybe a bad batch or maybe I just imagined it.  Didn’t try a calzone.  Overall very good, not sure I prefer it over Ella’s or Paradiso but Flippin’ is in the flippin’ ballpark.  Then again, my most recent visit to Ella’s was sub-par, so Flippin’ is lookin’ even better.


2 responses to “Flippin’ Pizza

  1. ThankYouIowaStateCyclones

    My Rockville based company has pizza day once a quarter, ordering from various outlets in the area. The last order came from Flippin, About five different pizza styles, and they were all excellent. You are right about the thin crust… It works.

  2. Also, just FYI, if you bring a little kid in there they give him/her a lump of raw pizza dough to play with. Keeps the wee one occupied, and you are right that their pizza is really good.

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