Livin’ La Vida Dulce

If Pedro Almodovar remade Fellini’s La Dolce Vita as La Dulce Vida I have a feeling it would be a very different movie. Women on the verge of a sugar high?  Anyway. What I don’t know is whether Wheaton’s new Dulce Vida Bakery (2509 University, next to Samantha’s Restaurant and Bakery off Georgia — two bakeries!) is owned by the same folks as the DVB in Hyattsville.  I don’t think either has a website.

sweeeeeeeet life

Also haven’t yet eaten at either, but the Wheaton one, which I think has been open a couple of months or more, has pictures of fancy cakes (birthdays! quinceañeras! bar/bat mitzvahs?) and tortas — I will try their torta eventually.  All Wheaton sandwiches must be tried.

Also new, I think, in the past few months (by “few” I mean “between one and 12”): Rumba Y Carbon, a restaurant and nightclub (?) between Pollo Sabroso and Umberto’s on Grandview.  I am less likely to try RYC anytime soon, but there it is.

Rumba! Carbon!

Also “new”: evidently Pashion Restaurant and Lounge (2310 Price) has been closed for a while and just reopened — grand reopening event was last night in fact. At least that’s according to the poster in the window — I did not attend the event, perhaps needless to say. They haven’t fixed the spelling; I hope for their sake they have fixed the food.  And the atmosphere.

Can you feel the pashion?


2 responses to “Livin’ La Vida Dulce

  1. I have twice been into LDV whilst on an El Pollo Rico run. First time was kind of awkward – there are cases of baked goods on the walls, but you need to know to get a set of tongs and a tray from the front counter, select your items, and bring them back to said counter. Nothing has a price or a description either, so you’re kind of tonging blind. Turns out, though, the prices are cheap and the baked goods are really good. Churros the first time (50c each) and then a kind of apple pie muffin or torte (75c each). Both were great, though the churro was made even moreso with after a 10 sec visit to our microwave.

  2. Re: Pashion

    I walked into Pashion once, maybe last year before New Years Eve. They were advertising a party, and being walking distance, I figured I’d see if the place would be fun (and a hop skip and jump from home). Well, the restaurant side, looked like an old basement. The menu didn’t grab me. The lounge side looked like a Diddy white party. I don’t really understand who their clientele is supposed to be. I’d love to support the local business, but the plain and simple fact is: I just don’t get it.

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