WaPo on Wheaton, and Happy Thanksgiving

No time to write, gotta go pluck a few turkeys, but here is this morning’s Post article on Wheaton redevelopment, front page of the Metro section (Maryland edition).  Interesting to compare headlines: hard copy is “Can Wheaton’s downtown keep family feel?” and online is “Wheaton dreams of a better downtown but clings to family feel.”  Or maybe not that interesting; space is simply tighter in the actual paper.  Anyway, a good long well-balanced article, but no actual new news, just the same issues we’ve been talking about for years already — at root, how to manage change so that at least some of our favorite shops and restaurants don’t get priced out of a new improved downtown core, assuming they don’t go out of business first during the long period of construction.  If they can make it that far, increased demand via Metro-centric population growth should allow many to thrive going forward. My favored method of helping Wheaton’s restaurants, of course, is to eat at them, and I encourage others to do the same.


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