December Off To a Roaring Start

How did December get here so fast?  How is there still so much turkey in the refrigerator? I blame wormholes for the former and Mrs. Me for the latter.

  • Who knew there were so many food blogs in Maryland? And the excellent HowChow is the best, according to the recent 2011 Mobbies.  He posts like every day, practically, with good quality photos.  Maybe his frequent posting caused time to speed up and that’s why it is already December?
  • December 2011 Washingtonian magazine is out this week. Food section is focused on Gallery Place, and no Wheaton mentions, but a rave review (not yet online) (echoing my own) of Jewel of India. Wheaton is crying out for a good Indian restaurant.  Or an Indian restaurant.  Good is probably better, though.
  • Patch recently reviewed Wheaton’s Limerick Pub, where last I visited was completely empty on a Friday at 1pm.  I still will try them again, though, to play trivia and see if the potentially excellent oyster sliders can manage to show up tasting of oyster and not just a salt-encrusted salt lick with extra salt. I like the new Wheaton Patch food reviewer, who goes into more detail and even exhibits occasional dissatisfaction. I probably shouldn’t enjoy reading about dissatisfaction as much as I do.
  • Serious Eats does a cabernet franc tasting — this one’s for you, Ed!
  • The Gazette reviews Roscoe’s Neapolitan Pizzeria in downtown Takoma Park, I’ve heard good things about Roscoe’s pies but haven’t gotten there yet. The review was mostly just the usual purple meandering but this sentence made me laugh out loud: “Sauteed swiss chard with cannellini beans and garlic is an ascetic and slightly mushy chlorophyll-rich nod to vegetarian sensibilities.” Presumably the reviewer meant acidic — surely “ascetic” wasn’t intentional? Though I wouldn’t put it past him — but I enjoyed the thought of chard and beans sitting on the plate in austerity, shunning sensual pleasure and material wealth in the interest of vegetarianism.  Ah, the worldly spiritual struggle of Swiss chard.  I suppose it even makes some sense, if you don’t think too hard. Later he rages against “deceptive culinary fabrications” like gluten-free pizza crust, tofurkey, and veggie burgers — I bet a lot of readers won’t appreciate that point of view, but I found the mini-rant totally out of character for a Gazette piece and therefore enjoyable.

And the latest sign of Western civilization’s last gasp: late-1990s boy band Hanson is now in the beer brewing business. Yes: MMMHop IPA. I only wish I had thought of it first. Hanson seems somehow even more ridiculous than the other musician-cum-alcohol-purveyors noted in the article.  Their quote in the article about the beer being part of their effort at “creating a brand” for their fans nearly made me spit-take my Anchor Steam Liberty Ale. I hate the whole concept of and modern trend toward personal brand-creation, much less by last century’s cotton candy like Hanson. Then again, they are still together and touring — all three original members! Take that, Styx and Journey. Besides, that song is pretty irresistible in a guilty pleasure way…


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