Fresh Greek Grill

Another truth in advertising victory: Fresh Greek Grill, the new tenant of the tiny white-walled, blue-roofed building near the crazy Colesville Road-University Boulevard intersection, is all three things.  Gyros, spanakopita, yep, Greek.  They do grill things, including a very good cheesesteak — the unremarkable (but not bad) hoagie roll was itself grilled, a nice touch. The spanakopita triangles were fried to a deep golden brown, not the usual method I think but they tasted great, with filling more cheesy than spinachy (also not a bad thing).  Good Five Guys-like fries.  Solid lamb gyro.  Someone in the kitchen has a deft touch with the phyllo dough: the baklava was a bit too sweet and uncomplicated for my taste (could use more nuts) but it had many many layers of phyllo, expertly constructed, and a huge portion for $2.99.  The tzatziki was a bit thicker than we like, and on the bland side (needs more mint or salt or something), and the pita didn’t seem freshly baked, but that was the only thing that didn’t seem fresh.  Portions are reasonable and prices are pretty good, most platters (main dish plus fries and canned soda) are $8.99, the substantial spanakopita appetizer is $5.99.

The place is quite small and lacks ambience, but what do you expect for the location, or for a divey Greek grill anywhere for that matter.  Quick service, and they seemed glad for our business (they were not busy when we were there); they have been open only a couple of months. I like their simple, stylish website (much better ambience than the actual restaurant) but oddly it only includes about half the menu; I picked up the more extensive takeout menu while we were there for future reference.  Closed Sundays.


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  2. They’re also almost always offering the Groupon/LivingSocial instant deals (where you buy it on your phone right before you walk in, then use it…if for some reason you don’t use it, your money is refunded). In this economy, every little bit counts!

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