Chicken Paws

Chicken Feet
Fried + Sauced = Nom Nom?   (image: avlxyz/flickr)

Last weekend’s Washington Post article on the developing chicken “paw” trade war between the U.S. and China caught my attention. I have never eaten chicken feet but am getting intrigued; I know many Chinese restaurants sell them (for sure Hollywood East and probably others in Wheaton too), and I believe H Mart* and other local Asian food purveyors carry them in case one wants to cook ’em up at home.  Which apparently is fairly easy to do. It is nice to know that U.S. chicken feet are most coveted in China due to their relative meatiness. I eagerly await the stateside marketing campaign in 2012… More on the freakonomics of chicken feet here.

* Odd and amusing: if you search the H Mart website for “feet” you get a list of mostly hair curlers.  A search for “chicken” gets a list of mostly not-chicken-related items, led by Aveeno Baby Soothing Bath Treatment.


4 responses to “Chicken Paws

  1. I’ve tried them at Hollywood East before. While they’re not bad, there is almost nothing on them (and a lot of what is there isn’t exactly “meat”), and there are lots of little bones in the digits that you have to be careful not to eat. I came away with the feeling that they were alright but not good enough to balance out the negatives. Possibly worth a try as part of a larger dim sum meal just to say you’ve tried them.

  2. I’ve seen Chicken Feet at the Giant in Wheaton!!! (ick!)

    Also, anonymous, “lots of little bones in the digits” – i just LOL’d at my desk.

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  4. I know Good Fortune and Wong Gee has them. I’d love to try them.

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