More Washingtonian Wheaton Thai Love

Washingtonian magazine’s annual “100 very best restaurants” issue (January 2012) is out (on newsstands, possibly in your mailbox, but not online) and both Nava Thai and Ruan Thai made the list.   This is not the best cheap restaurant list, this is the best list.  Inn at Little WashingtonKomiAshby Inn…Nava and Ruan! I still think Ruan has slipped just a bit, but it’s nice to see both places continue to get more or less well-deserved attention.  Washingtonian continues to taunt me, though, in their capsule review of Ruan, where they highlight that dang Yum Watercress dish again.  I really need to get in there and order that.


3 responses to “More Washingtonian Wheaton Thai Love

  1. I’ve actually been a bit disappointed with Nava lately. We had one recent trip where I ordered the floating market soup and had it show up without half of the things that are supposed to go into it, then couldn’t flag down our waitress to return it and resorted to trying to season it myself with the condiments on the table (unsuccessfully). Our last trip we got up and left after waiting 10 minutes at our table without anyone even acknowledging that we were there. We walked over to Ruan and had a very good meal, featuring the yum watercress, now apparently including little bits of fried seafood, which was new since the last time we had it. Nava and Ruan had always been about even for me, but Ruan is starting to pull ahead.

  2. Ditto… Ruan has been more consistent, the portions are larger, and the duck kha prow was actually crispy.
    Although Nava still has good nights, I heard a rumor it depended on who was in the kitchen that night.

  3. Interesting, thanks for the comments. Opposite of my experience, but just goes to show even great restaurants can have off days.

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