Are We There Yet?

Is it 2012? Yes.  Really?  I guess.  Am I alive?  Evidently.  Blogging? Maybe.  Posting may remain light for a while.  Then again, who knows?

Among the interesting developments I have been ignoring is the possible demise (possibly temporary) of Wheaton’s Royal Mile Pub, ably reported in evolving installments by Wheaton Calling. True? False? Mismanagement? Bad economy? Not enough room in this town for two Scots-Irish pubs, pardner?  Rhetorical questions? I can has cheezburger?

Also, Dan Reed over at Just Up The Pike today published an excellent discussion of where Wheaton may or should be headed. Dan knows more about this stuff than I ever will (I think he must read a lot or something), so I will just say read the whole thing, and add that my personal vision of a future Wheaton is not necessarily “like” Adams Morgan, or Bethesda, or Clarendon, or anywhere else (and this does not necessarily contradict anything Dan wrote) — it would be nice to keep on being Wheaton, maybe only slightly less feral, just with taller buildings and more people and more cool stuff to eat and buy and do. Also maybe fewer pawn shops. My vision does not involve pawn shops.


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