The Winter of Our Restaurants’ Discontent

Late Friday UPDATE: the sign in the door of Royal Mile says temporarily closed due to “electrical and mechanic problems” — hope they come back soon.

Apparently Mr. WC took matters into his own hands and demanded answers from the Royal Mile Pub owners — still unclear exactly when (or if) they will reopen, but information continues to trickle in thanks to Wheaton Calling.  Mysterious “repairs”…we were going to try and eat at RM this weekend, and we will still stroll by to survey the scene.  You never know.

Rumor has it (and I stress this is only a rumor, unsubstantiated, may not be true, etc.) that Gloria’s Island Hut may also be closed, at least temporarily.  I drove by a week or so ago and all the windows were shuttered, but it was before noon on a weekend so I drew no conclusions at that time, but now one of my moles is suggesting they may be at least on hiatus until spring.  I guess Caribbean food isn’t really winter cuisine, but then again, when the frost is on the pumpkin, a little jerk spice and goat curry can really hit the spot.

Sigh…now I want goat curry.

Does two make a trend?  According to Arlo Guthrie, three is an organization and fifty is a movement.  Two may not be a trend — I hope it doesn’t become a going-out-of-business organization, much less a movement! — and I hope both restaurants can come back by the spring; they both have unique ambience, and different food than all other Wheaton restaurants, and I will miss them if they’re really gone.

2 responses to “The Winter of Our Restaurants’ Discontent

  1. I walked past Island Hut last Saturday and wondered the same thing.

  2. After enjoying some delicious soup at Ren’s Ramen last night, we walked by both the Royal Mile and Island Hut. No activity or lights on at either location. *sigh*

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