Return to Ren

The best thing about Ren’s Ramen (11403 Amherst) might actually be the gyoza, whose nearly translucent, thin soft wrappers melt away to nothing on mouth contact, revealing their savory pork filling– the outside is just thick enough to contain the meat and to allow one side to be seared, adding even more flavor.

The ramen is great too, of course. They make a big deal about importing their noodle from Sapporo, and the noodles are good, but it’s really all about the incredible broth. Our group ordered three different styles (miso, soy, and salt broths), all good.  I noticed too late the special, written on a dry-erase board with a skull-and-crossbones logo: spicy “Bukodan” ramen. Hope it’s available next time I visit. I continue to believe that, at $10 per reasonably large bowl, the ramen is a good value considering the very high quality (I know some disagree).

Ren’s was practically empty on Friday night, hope that’s not a sign; Ruan next door was about 2/3 full both when we arrived and when we left, and the window tables at least had turned over in the interim.  I’d be tempted to poke my head into Ren’s periodically just to breathe the soy-miso vapors, the place just smells great.  They should start a spa or something.

Other important Ren’s notes: they don’t serve alcohol, they only take cash, they are closed the second and third Tuesday of every month.




5 responses to “Return to Ren

  1. You beat me to the punch. I was just thinking of posting about MY friday night dinner at Ren’s! The place was filled to capacity when we were there (and yes, Ruan also looked very busy as well). For some reason, I’m not the biggest fan of their gyoza, but I crave their ramen so often that I’m starting to wonder if they’re putting some illegal substance in the broth to get me addicted. I could have that soup every day and not get sick of it. What was the salt broth like? I’m always curious to try it, but it doesn’t sound that appetizing and I like the other two broths so much (especially the soy broth) that I’ve been hesistant to try it.

  2. We were there late — glad to hear they were full earlier. I like the miso broth but Mrs. Me is a salt fiend and she liked the salt broth just fine. Agreed, there is surely some illegal substance involved to make it taste so good!

  3. We ate at Ren’s for the first time this past weekend. This is the first time I have had this type of noodle dish. Is the broth supposed to be soooo greasy? Just wondering if I got a bad batch, of if this is how it is. Sorry to say that I could not finish what I ordered. It was like eating noodles soaking in salty grease. Again, maybe this is how it is supposed to be, but I just don’t know.

  4. You don’t like salty grease? Sounds heavenly.

    Seriously, no, I would not describe Ren’s ramen that way, so I’m not sure what you mean.

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