Shake Shack @ Dupont Circle

Well, almost at the Circle.  Finally made it over to the Shake Shack at Connecticut and 18th Street, and sure enough, the food all tastes the same as it does in NYC.  I know, I know, I was shocked too.  I love their charred burgers with shack sauce on a perfectly proportioned potato roll.  Fries are nothing special and yet actually better than I remembered, and with all the mayo, mustard and ketchup you can eat!  Mmmm, condiments. My friend got the shroom burger — a large fried portobello mushroom with cheese, lettuce, tomato — and said it was very good although not quite what he was expecting (not sure what he was expecting!).  I wanted to try a shake or a concrete but it was below freezing outside, we had walked all the way from the Hirshhorn, I was by that point essentially a block of ice with legs, and I just couldn’t bring myself to ingest ice-cold substances.  Although maybe that would have brought my body into harmony from the inside-out…


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