Sisyphus Bar and Grill

Wheaton Calling remains on top of the developing Royal Mile Pub story, and the Gazette chimes in.  This week’s Gazette also profiles the Fresh Greek Grill, another struggling local (Four Corners) restaurant.  Mrs. Me and I liked it when we visited last month; it is a dive (I recommend take-out, not eat-in) but plenty of value there.  Apparently they are having trouble competing with the new Chipotle across the street.  I like Chipotle, but on balance I would prefer FGG — if I lived close enough to make it convenient to visit either more often, that is.   Good luck to them — it’s a tough business, even when the economy is good, even when there isn’t a Chipotle (or an Irish pub) across the street.

UPDATE: Wheaton Calling has confirmed (intrepid reporting, indeed!) that Gloria’s Island Hut is officially out of business, at least for the time being.  Bad trend here.  Restaurants open and close, circle of life, blah blah blah, but I wish I got to pick which ones close — I can think of several places I would have picked long before Gloria’s or Royal Mile…


3 responses to “Sisyphus Bar and Grill

  1. We checked out the Fresh Greek Grill on Monday (takeout). All in all, it was good except for the fries — too soggy! Spanokopita was a tad greasy, but good. Gyro was very flavorful and the chicken souvlaki was pretty good — could have used a bit of tzitiki to add another flavor/texture. They now deliver, which is a big bonus in my book!

  2. Thanks — we didn’t love the tzatziki, so maybe you didn’t miss much there. But we liked most everything else. Delivery is indeed a big bonus!

  3. NOOOOOOOO what happened to Island Hut? When I’d go it would be busy. Gloria’s son said they do well with business from takeout taxi. Wheaton needs a carribbean restaurant.

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