The Apple House (Linden, Va.)

Another trip to the wilds of Northern Virginia, another restaurant visited, this time Linden’s Apple House.  Family-owned for more than fifty years, AH is sort of a country diner, with a kitschy gift shop featuring not-necessarily-local foodstuffs and a kitchen/dining room all under one roof.  I don’t think it has been remodeled since 1961, and that’s okay, it has a certain cluttered, wood-paneled feel that works, given its geography.

The apple butter cinnamon donuts are the highlight, a solid value at 69 cents apiece (or a crumb or two for free from a glass jar at the counter), slight discount on a dozen, very tasty.  Pies looked okay but we did not partake.  Unfortunately, what we did order was not up to the standards of what I had hoped would be a fabulous country dive restaurant.  Grilled cheese was okay but small, thin, just white bread and maybe two slices of processed cheese, and it came with below-average (limp, underseasoned, from frozen) fries.  That’s what $3.99 gets you in Linden, evidently.  Pulled pork bbq was better but still below expectations, which were perhaps too high.  In the event I ever find myself hungry (likely) in Linden (unlikely), I might return to the Apple House but try the breakfast menu, or just order two dozen donuts — twelve to eat during the drive back to Wheaton, and the others for the coming week’s worth of breakfasts.

Also: some excellent t-shirts, high quality fabric and fun design.


4 responses to “The Apple House (Linden, Va.)

  1. Visited this place for the first time last October on my way to Skyline Drive. The breakfast was okay but the donuts truly made the stop worthy for me plus I always enjoy those types of gift shops.

  2. You didn’t go for the Redskins Rockin’ Rooster sandwich or the Bubba’s Cavalier burger?
    I’ll give them credit for appropriate use of apostrophes in their menu.

  3. New donut combos always catch my eye and an apple butter cinnamon sounds awfully good. At 69cents, that sounds less than a famous Top Pot donut (best in the west).

  4. Mr. senior Me, we thought of you often whilst dining here! It would not have disappointed…

    Mrs. Me

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