Nando’s Peri-Peri

Nando’s Peri-Peri has been around a while now but we finally visited (for carry-out) the Bethesda location. Their Portuguese grilled chicken is fairly spicy with lots of flavor, not so different from many of the Peruvian grilled chicken places that abound in greater DC.  Nando’s may have an advantage with their yellow rice, which also packs a good punch, and their sweetish Portuguese dinner rolls, both of which I prefer to the fried yucca we usually get at El Pollo Rico and the like.  Nando’s also has a broader menu than most other grilled chicken places, offering a variety of appetizers, salads, chicken sandwiches, even a veggie burger.  But we didn’t get any of that: just the chicken, ma’am (and the rice and rolls, and maybe a salad, which if so I have already forgotten) (I’m sure it was fine, if not memorable).  Not really worth seeking out, but a good quick lunch or dinner source for those who work nearby or stumble upon one at the right time.  I’ve also heard that the spice levels vary widely depending on location and even day to day, but in general the capsaicin-averse should be careful here.


7 responses to “Nando’s Peri-Peri

  1. Hmm, I didn’t know Nando’s had a Bethesda location. I was kind of hoping Silver Spring would have that on them, but oh well. Either way, I took my mother to Nando’s in Silver Spring earlier this month and they had us waiting 45 minutes for our food, even as people who came later than us got served. I like their food, but I doubt I’ll be going there again. Perhaps I can take the meal voucher the manager gave us to Bethesda and get better service.

    • Yes, you can’t take the voucher to any Nando’s location. Also – you can call ahead and order so that you don’t have to wait to pick up your food. I’ve been to the Bethesda location and both DC ones and have always had the best experiences. The wait is just to order and pay for your food, but you are seated immediately after you order. The best chicken by far and very affordable!

  2. The first time I had Nando’s was in South Africa on vacation. I wish the American Nando’s had the same quality & service that the South African Nando’s had. I’ve only been to the Nando’s in Silver Spring.

    For example, the veggie burger at the Silver Spring Nando’s is the same veggie burger you can pick up in your local grocery store (morningstar). Whereas the veggie burger in South Africa was made locally every day. The difference in taste is unbelievable. I had sent an e-mail to Nando’s inquiring about the difference and their response was that they strive to find the best local options!

    I really enjoyed the different spice levels and was really looking forward to the Nando’s opening in Silver Spring. I still hold out hope that one day I will be able to have the same experience again…

  3. I get carry out from the SS location from time to time but it is obvious that they struggle with service which is why I’ve never dined in. I find the chicken okay, nowhere near Pollo Rico worthy. I do however really like the chicken livers, grilled portabello mushroom, haloumi cheese and portuguese rolls.

  4. Yall is crazy to compare nandos to el pollo. Nandos is like super grilled/braii style with good char flavor and good hot sauces. El pollo is marinated and a more succulent rotisserie style. Next thing you will be throwing pollo campero or popeyes in the comparison. Different beasts (even if not literally)

  5. I agree WIlly….

    Nandos is NOTHING like Peruvian Chicken and I’m quite surprised the comparison was made.

    P.S. I’m addicted to Nandos and eat there basically once a week whether it’s the Chinatown location or Silver Spring.

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