Bad Idea Shellfish

Lair of the Conch Ninja

Beware the Conch Ninja of Eleuthera.

Remember the “Bad Idea Jeans” SNL fake commercial from the early 90s? “I don’t know the guy, but I’ve got two kidneys and he needs one, so I figured…”  Apparently I was wearing my Bad Idea Shorts over the weekend on our tropical vacation, otherwise I can’t explain* my decision to eat a conch salad — make that a raw conch salad — on a probably-polluted beach.

* In truth it probably had less to do with my attire and more to do with the Rum Bubbas we were drinking, more about which soon.

The Conch Ninja has a little open-air stand next to the Friday Night Fish Fry shack in Governor’s Harbor, Eleuthera, Bahamas, where he hacks open a fresh (or maybe not so fresh) conch, scoops meat from shell, dices it with onions and peppers, and serves it right up with a little citrus juice — so it’s ceviche, technically…except really it was pretty much raw.  Conch salad: $10.  Cholera: priceless.

The Conch Ninja comes out at night

In fairness, lots of other people were eating the salad and I doubt they all got sick. And he’s wearing rubber gloves, it’s all perfectly sanitary! What could possibly go wrong, I thought to myself.

Anyway, between our vacation and my subsequent 48 hours of [description withheld], I haven’t been in a blogging frame of mind.  But we’re back, and I’m back; road trip posts to follow (we had several great meals, Conch of Death aside).  Also maybe eventually something about Wheaton, where we have not eaten for a week.  Surely there’s stuff happening here?


3 responses to “Bad Idea Shellfish

  1. Man, that sounds awful. Hope you are feeling better. I’m sure I would have wanted to try it, too.

    I’ve started school so I’m not blogging as much either. I haven’t heard too much Wheaton news the last week or two.

  2. Bland in Bethesda.

    This is why we avoid travelling to “exotic” destinations, and remain in our homes with a diet limited cheese pizza, chicken fingers, and sauceless pasta. We are able to successfully avoid these problems.

  3. Bear: thanks, yes, much better.

    Bland: very wise. Also, it sounds like you have young children. 🙂

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